Rabbit Pepper

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 6.0 (servings)


Rabbit pepper:


The day before for the pickling, remove the skin from the onion and cut in half. Bring to the boil with all the other pickling ingredients.

Place the ragout in a large baking dish or earthenware dish. Pour the pickling liquid over it until it is boiling hot, which shortens the pickling time considerably. Weigh down the meat with a plate so that it is well covered with pickle. Cover and marinate in a cool place for 1 day.

The following day, lift the ragout out of the pickle and pat dry. Bring the dressing to a boil, then pour through a fine-mesh sieve.

Fry the bacon cubes in their own fat in a roasting pan until crispy. Remove.

Add the clarified butter to the roasting pan and brown the ragout in batches. Extinguish with half of the marinade, add the bacon cubes and season with the bouillon cube, salt and pepper. Steam the pepper with the lid closed on medium fire for about sixty minutes. The meat should be two-thirds in the pickle, if necessary add a little more liquid.

In the meantime, cut the raw ham into strips. Clean the mushrooms.

Roast the flour in a frying pan without adding any fat until light brown. Cool, then mix with the white wine.

After sixty minutes of cooking, add the mushrooms. Stir in the flour mixture by the tablespoonful to make a creamy sauce. Saute the rabbit pepper repeatedly for fifteen to twenty minutes. Season with salt, pepper and cognac.

Before serving, add the raw ham

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